charlotte and south central north carolina. working fire fatal.200 block of iverson way 1 story brick house. 96 year old female found during search. she was doa. house has about 20,000 in damage. engines6,2, ladder2 w/f rescue 3 engine 8 batt1,3,
working fire 1331 bellsknox court 1 story wood house. heavy fire throughput on arrival. high winds made fire was damaged 80% engines21,33,25,ladder13 w/f rescue 10 batt 2,3 engine17
cold front and high winds had large brush fires in catawba,lincolon,anson,gaston,and mecklenburg counties. in catawba county 11 depts were on the scene for 2 large brush fire some small out buildings damaged. alll homes move ups came for as far as 20 milse away.temps went from 72 to 40 in about 4 hours causing futher troubles for tired crews.
mint hill working fire. 8316 blair road.1 1/2 a frame home founf f/i at the 4 am arrival. house being 3/4 of a mile of main road caused some water problems.4 county depts on secne. house was total loss and arson is suspected.
working fire 216 beckman court. 2 story brick house. fire started in ceiling fan. smoke alarm saved family in daylight fire. damage is 200,000.engines14,19,3, ladder 29, batt4 w/f rescue 3 engine 24
working fire 3422 wilkinson blvd. 1 1/2 story brick beauty shop heavy fire on arrival.building was damaged heavly.engines10,2,5 ladder13,batt3 w/f rescue 10 engine 4 bat1