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    Post does your Department/Company participate in school activities to attract new members?

    Dear Forum,

    Does yor Fire Department/Company participate in any High School programs to attract new members for a Cadet or Junior Firefighter Program?

    We have been doing a "career day" event for the past 2 years with our local High School and have gotten four Jr. Firefighters out of it. And the three neighboring Departments got one each. Considering we only speak to about 25 kids during the event. I feel it has paid off. Every Jr. Firefighter has stayed so far and we only had 1 problem child in the last 3 years. Not bad, considering they are 15 - 16 year old boys.

    Let me know if you participate in such an event, or can I help you with information to get involved with your High School?


    Ken Janis

    Forks Fire Department
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    My department participates in a career day at the high school. We also participate in a job shadowing program, which allows high school kids the opportunity to come to the station for a day and see what being a firefighter is all about. However, our department does not offer a junior or cadet program. We will accept volunteers as young as 18 if they have already graduated from high school.
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