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    Thumbs up Job Well Done...

    I Have Been A Junior Firefighter For 2 Yrs, And An EMT With My Local Ambulance Company For 1 Yr. You Guys (& Girls) Give Up Time In Your Day To Help Others, Esp. At Such A Young Age. I Would Just Like To Recognize You All For Your Unselfish Service To The Residents Of Your Town. Keep Up The Good Work And May God Bless You All. Keep It Safe.
    Colonial Manor Fire Assoc.
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    well, gee, i'm touched. i thank you very much for that, junior163... you have no idea what that means to me. i dont get all that much support at school (esp. my mcjrotc unit) or in the community i work for (getting death threats aint all that kosher, yunno?), but i get a helluva lot of support from me parents. so thanks, man
    JC Makusztak
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    San Bernardino County Fire Dept.
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    Thanks! You know I was attending a class last night outside a near by fire department and we were looking at their utility truck to look at the construction becasue I am learning about auto extrication and an old man walked by and said "Thank you, you all are heros, firefighters save lives, thanks." I know this old man was not all there but I still appreciate it! No one has ever done that before, I smiled and it made my day!

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    I was driving home from a boy scout camporee and a parent that was there started asking about the explorer program. He called us heros, Whether or not your a FF or Explorer, we were all heros to him... It touched me and so does that, thank you. This is good when we get people saying that stuff, makes us feel like we matter to people even tho we arent real FF's but we have the great desire to be one. Its a great feeling...
    Nate Breton, Vice President
    Post 333 Salem Fire Rescue

    "Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to work with fear."

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    Thank you very much. Only some people reconize us out there but those that do really encourage us to keep up the good work. One night we were training with SCBA's and an old man came up to us and said, "Keep up the good work kids" and started talking to us. Really nice guy. So again, thanks.

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