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    Question Gear

    We are approaching the board tonite and asking for some wildland gear. I know this is short notice, but what kind of gear do some of you have out there. I am looking at only one piece jumpsuits, goggles and hard hats.... Thanks and stay safe.

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    Default gear questions


    Hardhat go with the bullard helmet, that's what i use.

    I prefer the cap style without the full brim. Very light weight, comfortable to wear, 6 point suspension with rachet back for custom fit for all heads.
    True story stayed on my friends head as he slipped and fell down a slope and hit his head on a stump. The helmet took the impact and he had a grade 2 concusion, without the rachet style helmet it could have been much worse.

    The following is the post i submitted for for the Line Packs awhile ago. I hope this helps you.

    I was faced with the same problem last year you experiencing. Hopefully this information Iím posting will be a great help in your selection. You must identify what things are important to you like: price, comfort, ease in shelter deployment, and quality of materials and construction. I ended up looking at many line packs online and have supplied them below. But my final purchase was the N-350 Wilderness Attack Pack System by Nimrod Pack Systems of Cashmere, Washington.
    Iíve spent two seasons on a 20-person hand crew and last season on an interagency Engine and as an Engine Boss. Iím also a volunteer for my County Sheriffís Office Search and Rescue, which suits my needs for a hasty search as well as a recreation pack.
    This pack is great cause you can carry every thing you need with comfort. And if your working by an engine or a close area you can detach your main pack and still keep your fire shelter and yet have a smaller storage compartment.
    It takes under a minute to attach/detach the main compartment to the pack. Also the pack has plenty of zipping pockets and several internal pockets to keep things organized. Customer Service with Nimrod has been great. I ended up talking with La Grande IHC Superintendent this summer. He was quite interested with my pack and asked if I could come to his crew so they could look at it after shift one night. They had an older model from nimrod that needed to be replaced. I know of other crews that use them and are pleased with them as well.
    Thielsen was another pack that I looked at as well. They are similar to the Nimrod, good construction, my old crew Superintendent and saw boss had them. The new ones are also detachable and can carry quite a load.
    Eagle Gear is not a bad choice also. They can carry quite a load with these. My old crew pack was the same design.
    The pack shack through is decent economy packs quite popular for that reason.
    Sierra seem to have a decent design but not familiar with them.
    The Nimrod web site has some good tips for choosing a pack.

    Hopefully these web sites will be helpful in your search for a pack.

    Iíve included the since they have the FSS pack for a comparison.

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    The jump suits, well they are ok but your better off getting the pants and a shirt for each guy. Cause with the suits your asking for a major case of a rash in a area that you dont want to get one. And not one person is the same size so with the pants and shirts just work better.

    I would say get the cargo style pants, they are the best.

    As for in camp gear I would say good sleeping bag and pad, you never know when your out in a field. Also a good thing to have is the SST Sixy second tent, its nice to have to put gear in at night or to sleep in if it starts raining, or if you get cold.

    Yes the Ratchet style hat is the only way to go, I like the full brim style better, keeps the sun off you and more protection.

    A hot shield is a good thing to get as well, dont get anything but a hot shield.

    Head light, petzl makes a good light or you can just get a standard FSS light, but get a better bulb.

    Weather is a importain thing, the Kestrel 4000 pocket meter is a good one and then have a few others have the 3000 or the 2000 meter.

    GPS is also a big thing on wildfires then you can call in true locations and not worry about if its right or not.

    A good radio chest pack, ranger makes a good one so does ruffian. This will keep your radio at your chest level.

    Food, well some can go to the store to make there own but you can also order some MRE'S or coyote camp makes some good packs with food

    Hope all of this helps,

    Stay Safe,

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    FIRE SHELTERS!!!! Do not leave home without it. I to would recomend Bullard full brim with the ratchet. Also go with pants and shirts. Cotten pants are cheaper and OK for most stuff. Nomex shirts are a must. How far up are you from??? I used to live in Massena, thats pretty far up.

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