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    Post Small Department Investigations

    My name is Adam Brown and I am a senior at Eastern Kentucky University majoring in Fire Science Engineering. For one of my class projects i am doing a report on the problem of doing investigations in small or volunteer departments. I am posting in this forum to possible get a little help with this paper. I am looking for information on what the state rules and regulations are for investigations, (ie who has to do them, what is the qualifications, ect.) as well as what the state does, if anything, to asist these departments.

    Thanks for the help
    Adam Brown
    Eastern Kentucky University

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    In Colorado the laws state that it is the duty of the fire chief to determine cause and origin of all fires. The chief usually appoints someone in the department to complete this. It is in his best interest to appoint someone that knows what they are doing.

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    In Louisiana the State Fire Marshall's Office is available for assistance with fire investigation. However, it is the responsibility of the department having jurisdiction to determine the cause and origin. The Fire Marshall's Office will only come out if (a) there is reasonable suspicion that the fire may be arson, or (b) there is a fatality involved. Their field resources are stretched pretty thin and they are not able to respond to all fires.

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