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    Question Dept. Medical Exams

    Regarding annual medical/physical exams:

    Are you a paid or volunteer firefighter?

    Does your dept. have one specific place/doctor you have to go to?

    Or do you have a choice in what place/doctor you can use?

    If you don't like the outcome or the way in which the exam is performed, will your dept./district pay for a second opinion?

    Or is it out of your own insurance/wallet?

    Is the doctor that you go to informed on the fire service?

    For women, do you have an option to see a female doctor?

    Thank you for your input. The doctor my dept. uses doesn't even know the difference between SCUBA and SCBA -- it's a long story, if you'd like to hear it you can e-mail me. You can e-mail me your answers, as well. He also told me my cholesterol was too high, so I took off another day from work and paid my copay to be told that my cholesterol was fine since the guidelines for good and bad had been lowered. He told several others in my dept. that their blood pressure was high, but he passed them anyway!

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    Hi Diane,

    Our Dept (Vollie) requires yearly physicals during the month of birth. We use one clinic that has several doctors. I dont know if any of them are female and actually the medical guidelines dont talk about any specific testing for females. Males over thirty five have to get a prostrate screen which thankfully now can be done with bloodwork instead of the rubber glove method.

    See Ya

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    im a female in a volunteer dept. we only have to get one physical and that is submitted with our application of membership. its just the basics of height weight bp allergies etc., nothing spectacular. Unfortunatly that is all they require...but we go to our own doctor, mine of which is also female, so their knowledge of firemen usually justs consists of the guys on the big red things who scream through the town late at night, we also have to pay our co pay.

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    I am a 26 year old male on a paid department. We have yearly physicals, but not of the "turn-your-head-and-cough" type. We have a set of blood tests and then we go and do these little repitition exercises like number of push-ups and sit-ups in one minutes and then range of motion exercises and that's about it. It is all paid for by the city, but we have no recourse for a bad exame. They tell us that it is just for comparison, and that no actions against anyone will be taken. For high cholesterol we are asked to try and change our diet and for blood pressure it is at the Capt. discression to change workouts to try and fix the problems.

    I hope that it helps.

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