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    Default Old gear when it's replaced

    Since the FIRE Act grants are here again I'm sure many of you are hoping to get some new apparatus. What I am wondering is what do you do with the apparatus that is replaced. Do you turn around and sell it to another dept., donate it to a needy dept, or just keep it in the back. Also, what do you do with old PPE and turnouts?

    I posted on what depts do with their old gear several months ago. I don't want to sit here and preach about HOO b/c I know how old it gets hearing people on their soapboxes. All I want to say is if you have any kind of old gear laying around please donate it to someone who can use it. Thanks.

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    What we do with our old PPE depemds on why we took it out of service. Normally if it is not safe for us to wear it, it is not safe for anyone else to wear it either. Ocassionally if our ppe only has a little reflective material missiong we will donate to another department. If there are any tears we toss it in the dumpster. Wn't subject me personnel to any unecessary dangers, nor will I subject any other departments personnel to any unecessary dangers.

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