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    Default Visitors from FDNY

    How were everyone's visitors from NYC recieved on their visits to promote tourism? We had two FDNY veterans name Sonny and Patty; two great guys. They had a great time, but our community seemed to be uncaring. The press and the city safety personel were about the only ones who showed up to see them. I hope that they got to have a good time here and forget, for a short time, the horrors that they saw on 9-11. They drank, and told stories and really kept their sponsors on their toes.

    I hope that other communities showed up in better numbers then they did for these two heros.

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    We had 2 guys from 92 Engine in da Bronx come last weekend. They were nice guys but they had a ceremony honoring them that became a politician's playground. The mayor took good care of them and showed them a great time, but they seemed uncomfortable with all the attention.

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    Default Visitors From FDNY

    There was a guy from FDNY in Syracuse last weekend (his name and company escapes me.) He was on the news every night, visiting with different firefighters and places. He even had a press conference with the mayor. He also attended the Syracuse University game at the Carrier Dome, I don't know if that's a good thing or not!

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