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    Question New apparatus

    Does anyone know if putting up more money for the purchase of an apparatus helps ones chances of receiving the grant?

    For example, if a company puts up $100,000 for the purchase of a pumper and only asks for $100,000, and another company only puts $50,000 and asks for $150,000 for the purchase of a pumper, does the company who put up more money have a better chance of receiving the grant? Or is it just viewed as a grant for a pumper not taking into account the money put up by the company?


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    from what I have heard and read it depends on need of the dept. in question and the age of apparatus to be replaced. As far as I know there is no plus to putting up any more than the match money(10% for dept protecting less than 50k and 30% for more than 50k).
    You never know having more money than another dept for apparatus may not look as good to the grant award teams as you may be viewed as a dept. that isn't as needy as another dept who won't/can't put up as much money as your dept can.

    hope this helps .

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    We went to an area conference and they said it would help if you gave more than 10%. They just want more bang for their buck. I called the help line to see where to put the extra money, as the budget page will not let you put more than 10% in. They said to put it in the narrative page but DO NOT let them think you have lots of money. We are offering a little more and hoping it will help for our grant. If you were reading the applications and there was two identical applications. Which one would you give too one with 10% or the one with the higher %. If their needs were the same?

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