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    Lightbulb This forum needs some life! How to get more people on this forum?

    I was wondering why in the world this forum is so slow in getting replys and new posts, there is sometimes that the forum doesn't get any new posts for a whole day, I thought that when I join the forums @ firehouse.com that this would be active, I think the regulers on this forum need to do some campaigning and get some more people to contribute to our posts, just I thought.

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    Well, I'm a new guy, been around firefighting for about 15 years. Just found the forums when I was surfing around, so I joined.

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    well, I know for me, for one I've already replied to most all the posts on this board (some of them like 2 or more times), and school work has me busy (coming into the home stretch of senior year now), I'm sure that's probably the case for some of the "veterans" of this board as well.

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    Too busy with school,work,Fightin fires & Pickin up sick people... Alot to do for a 17 yr old but ohwell...anyway.. Gotta chill about people not responding in the same day.. its not a "GENERAL FORUM" like the firefighting one....alot of times people just read but dont feel like responding..I know alot of times I'll see somethin and dont feel like typing and come back later on and reply.. Like SFD said...alot of us forum veterans are busy..but once it gets towards June..Alot of people will be comin around again..MAYBE
    New Jersey

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