E229LT posted a thread called TO ARMS!! Join me in thie FIGHT!!!! and he only posted in the firefighters forum and I thought that was not the attention this deserved, so I am posting it in every forum section, I have not ask E229LT, I don't think that he would care but please always refer to the address below for more links and email adresses that you can write to, please don't reply to this thread go to the link below and post a reply there! Thanks! http://www.firehouse.com/forums2/sho...5&pagenumber=1
Here is the thread that E229LT posted:
TO ARMS!!! Join Me in this FIGHT!!!!
Syndicated cartoonist Ted Rall has gone beyond poor taste. WAY BEYOND.
This maggot placed a cartoon called Terror Widows into circulation which depicts the widows of 9/11 as money hungry, media hounds.

The first ammendment protects this "parrot dropping" but does not protect him from me and you. I will seek out every newspaper, magazine and web site in the land that prints this pukes column and begin the boycott and letter campaign like nobody has ever seen.

Are you with me?????

Please refer back to this first post of the thread as I will edit and add every contact I find. But for those of you who need to see for yourself I will attempt to post a link: http://images.ucomics.com/comics/tr/2002/tr020304.gif

Now come the links of interest.

Link #1 The Artist Ted Rall's email:


Link #2 His publisher:

Universal Press Syndicate
Kathie Kerr, Director of Communications
Phone: (816) 360-6945

Link #3 His Publishers PIO:

Sue Roush
Universal Press Syndicate
4520 Main Street
Kansas City MO 64111
(800) 255-6734

Link #4
The Washington Post
Email: www.webnews@washingtonpost.com

Link #5
The New York Times (I'm Ashamed)
To the editor:

Link #6
The Village Voice:
Tell us what you think. www.editor@villagevoice.com
Link #7
The people who publish his books:
NBM publishing
555 8th ave., Ste.1202
New York, NY 10018
Tel: (212)643-5407 FAX: (212)643-1545, 1-800-886-1223