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    Lightbulb Narrative proofreaders

    Does anyone know if the grant writing firms are offering proofreading or consulting services as regards to the fema narritive section this year. I would feel alot better about my narrative if I had somone who was familiar with writing them advise me on it.


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    Default Proofreaders

    A couple of ideas:

    I asked an English teacher at the local high school to proofread my narrative. Her husband is one of our retired captains. That took care of the mechanics, i.e. grammer and spelling.

    Ask someone who has no connection with the FD to read the grant. They should be able to understand exactly what you are asking for.

    Look at the rules for awarding grants. They tell you what criteria is used for rating, such as: will the grant assist an RIT team, will the grant be used to bring the department into statutory or voluntary compliance, etc. It's all in the rules.

    There are services that will charge for reviewing your application. One that I know of is www.theideabank.com

    You could also ask the person who does grants for your local or county police. They have lots of experience in federal grants.

    Good luck!
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