Hey everyone... I just wanted to be a team player and post this year's newest MUTT!!!!


It seems that Gov. Holden does not appreciate the firefighters of the state of Missouri, Many of which voted for him... He has stated that he will be cutting $64,000 Dollars out of the state's FIRE/RESCUE Training Budget, cutting out 49 FIREFIGHTER TRAINING CLASSES... :sad: :sad:

This might even cut out summer fire school at the University of Missouri in Columbia... Brothers and Sisters I ask you a favor... E-mail the "fine" gov. and display to him the anger of us all in his attempts to cut back our vital state training budget... With out it, many fire departments around here will not be able to afford training due to insufficient budget funds... This just puts all of us in danger by denying us the training that we need to keep our towns safe.

I know you all will help me out, in an attempt to make Holden change his mind.... THANK YOU ALL!!!! the email link is below... :sad:


Disclaimer: My opinions expressed in no way represent any of my fire deparment brothers and are of my feelings alone!!!