HI! I happened on the website after looking for some info and found your forum. I live in NYC, and my father is a Deputy Chief with the FDNY, my brother-in-law, Dan, is an FDNY Firefighter. By luck, by chance, by some angel both are alive and well.

I just wanted to say to all of you... I know the chances Firefighters take everyday. I know the sacrifices they face when leaving their homes for work. I realize that all of you are scattered throughout the country, but regardless of where you are, the danger is still there.

I've seen the support others in this country have given the FDNY and I just want to say - THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You have no idea what it has meant to me, my family, my father and Dan. To know that the country is behind them has given them the drive and the strength to fight harder and longer in the search for their fallen brothers. A simple sign on the side of the road saying "Thank You" brought tears to Dan's eyes. A poem written by a young girl from a small town in the Midwest to the FDNY brought my father so much pride.

I'm sorry I'm going on... I guess I was just really happy to find this forum and I am really thankful for all you guys do and all you have done.

Again, my thanks!!

Always Faithful