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    Default RIT Equipment

    I am looking for a basic equipment list to form a RIT for our department. Has a list been developed or is it based on how far your money will go?

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    Think of it this way, you are already set up to rescue civilians, how much special equipment is needed to rescue firefighters? Start with training. Special techniques are needed, but you'll find basic truck or rescue company equipment is great. You need to find a way to provide emergency breathing air. A stripped down spare air pack or an air pack stuffed into a rope bag work great.. if you have the cash, a rit pack is easier. Don't focus too much on equipment Chief, its more about training and attitude. Good luck!

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    Chief, you may want to also post this inquiry on the message forums at - there are a LOT of FF's & chiefs on there from depts already operating RIT teams. Also, the site provides a tremendous resource on every conceivable topic relating to RIT.

    If you want to see some practical (and affordable) products designed specifically for RIT teams, check out my website at this address: - click Rapid Intervention link

    Hope this helps you out. Good luck with getting your team properly trained & equipped. Stay Safe!!

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    Default More nonsense from me.

    Most of the equipment our RIT Team uses is the same stuff we use for regular fires. We got an extra SCBA and taped the shoulder straps together and got a fanny pack that the mask could fit into and attached that onto the bottle harness. Most departments will label or color code the RIT equipment so it won't get used by non-RIT personnel when the RIT team does need it.

    If you want a breakdown, go to there are depts SOP's you can download and most of them have an equipment list you can get info from.

    Good Luck.
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