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    Default gift for retirement

    dear firefighting friends,

    I'm in need of some help, my father a BC with the city of Pittsburgh Fire Bureau is about to retire and I'm looking for a special gift for him. my father has been in the business for the past 40 years. I remeber seeing a AD a few years back of a company that produced miniature size and full sized personalized leather buckets. if anyone has seen these and know where to get them or any other great ideas, I'd deeply appreciate any help.

    sincere thanks.

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    Cairns makes a special helmet for retirement gifts..it's called the "Presentation" helmet, it's strictly for decoration.

    Another gift you might want to consider is a replica of an officer's speaking trumpet from the days of old.
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    Another fine gift is the Bronze Sculpt of the Statue "Bravest", easily enough to come by. I believe it also comes in different size versions?

    Keep going Gonzo, I'm following you......LOL!

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