hi ,

i live in nyc. for a good while before 9/11 i had been working on my own project about angels called THE UTOPIAN. a fireman plays a major role in that story. I watched from the brooklyn promenade as tower 2 fell. i remember thinking how many emergency people had to have been there.

when they put up the christmas tree at ground zero i created a short animation called HALLOWED GROUND using one of the characters from The UTOPIAN.

you can see it at:


you can also see it at my site: www.theutopian.com

i put it up on ifilm but i never really sent it around because it was my personal heartfelt expression. i recently saw the angel ice sculpture and was really moved. i thought perhaps some might appreciate the short film i made during christmas.

if you're a fireman, police officer or emt, i just wanted you to know you have a guardian angel on your side.