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    i am from a vol. paid department we have 2 stations 7 paid drivers that work on 12 hour shifts we used to be 24/16 but are new city manager switchedus to the 4-12 hour days with part time working weekends wolud like to get sugestions on how to get the department to a 24/48 but against a very rough city manager trying to give the best reasons for haveing the 24/48 but he wont budge see also are paid drivers are volunteer firefighters and we all love giving 110% on the department but when you 4-12 shifts and try all the training we do and then try to spend time with family it is very hard on them i would like some good advice to try and really get a 24/48 shift so these guys can have lives with there families plus are great family on th department and maybe have a second part time job for that extra cash all help would be apperciated you can also send replies to mike at

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    It seems to me that the CM is thinking of two things. Either he is worred about you guys costing the City more $$ funds due to FSLA issues or Overtime or #2-He just is unfamiliar with the 24 hour shift thing and does not want to go thier thinking you guys are trying to get something past him.

    Just a thought.

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