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    "A heretic is a man who sees with his own eyes."

    The fire service is full of examples of going forward with no clear cut goal in mind. We sometimes accept what is going on simply by believing that a certain person knows, because "He knows best". More often, as we develop as a service, we lose sight of the past. We all know the quote about people doomed to repeat. I am a strong advocate for tradition because of my beliefs. However we must never stop asking "Are we doing it right?", even though, by virtue of our success, we seem to be on top of the world.

    Does anyone feel that their department is either too backwards or, even, too forward looking?

    Where does tradition fit in?

    If you have been traditionally correct, can you still improve, or do you remain static? Can your reputation as a department do more harm than good?

    God Bless America

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    Unhappy FD's moving in zig-zag directions

    I have found that many departments are moving in a unclear, reactionary and sometimes very hazardous directions. This happens in many different forms. I will list a few and see if you know or are facing leadership that is acting like this:
    1). Unclear - Many companies ( both volunteer and paid ) in which there is a high turnover rate at the top. This can be from many different reasons ie. old style bylaws / SOP's that state a short term limit for officers, a very "my way of the highway" type of leadership, not allowing or including members to have input or at least buy into the changes and leadership that does not have the correct skills to interface with the everyday member.
    2). Reactionary - we all know leaders and/or departments that must have the latest new firefighting tool or program when it comes out. You can almost predict when you will hear these department is starting a program, ordering a tool or taking a class. Many times what sounds like a great idea either does not or will not work, it finally too expensive or is too large them to try.
    3). Hazardous - We all know departments that are a danger to themselves and others. While being aggressive is a postive thing, being foolish and taking crazy chances can get people hurt or worse.
    Like a past Chief told me when I joined the company 21 years ago " ... you did not start the fire so do (3)things: 1). get there safely as you can be using your head 2). be sure to do only things that help the incident become under control 3). remember that YOU and your TEAM are #1 and do everything you can get back from the call as a group ..."
    While there are a great deal of departments that are run by good or great leaders, it's the few bad ones that get all the press and make everyone look bad. Thanks

    As our sign in front of the station says " Fire prevention is our intention "

    Be safe out there !!!
    "Fire Prevention is our Intention"

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    Excellent points Stephen.

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