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    Is there any place on the web that you can look at successful applicants "narratives"?

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    Thumbs up Where you can view 2001 grant applications

    Lt (and anyone else out there that is looking for a sanity check),

    Take a look at this will give you some idea of what to do. Although I would urge you to keep in simpler and more straight forward than last years entries. I feel the program has been greatly stream lined this year for the good of every dept.

    Good Luck with your application


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    640 is right, Rodney Slaughter's place is a good place to check out other narratives. (including mine from last year)

    However I would have to disagree with his opinion of keeping it simpler than last year. If you read the instructions, which are considerably shorter than last year's, they are asking for very specific shows of needs and wants and lack of funding from any other source. You are going to have to show real need and that is not a simple task.

    I spent almost one page (double spaced) just on how our borough is built out, no new businesses or houses being built, the state helping us to find new ways to raise funds other than taxes, etc.

    Also, when you do your narrative, type it directly in their area, don't cut an paste it. All you indentations, paragraph breaks, etc get wiped out and it looks like one big sentence. I did the cut and paste, saw what it looked like and then couldn't delete it. It looks horrible. Just check your spelling etc because you don't have spell-check in the block.

    Good luck.
    Steve Dragon
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    I've looked at the examples on which deal with successful Apparatus narratives for the FEMA Fire Act grant and must say that they seem a bit simplistic. The narrative which I'm currently writing, although only two to three pages single spaced, seems almost too detailed. Is there a point where, while not going over the 5 page limit, the narrative becomes too detailed? Also, on the narrative page of the online application it states you should describe "How you plan to use the grant funds for each major budget activity as listed on the budget form". Would it be advisable to breakdown in detail what percentage/amount will be spent on the actual apparatus (in my case), what percentage/amount will be spent on equiping the apparatus with NFPA 1901 required tools and equipment and what percentage/amount will be spent on other equipment/tools deemed needed on the apparatus by us locally? I guess I'm simply asking, am I over detailing our way right out of contention? Thanks in advance for your time and responses.
    Greg Smith
    Assistant Chief
    Gakona Vol. Fire Dept.
    Gakona, Alaska

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