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    I have a few questions...
    I'm trying to find out what current NFPA standards are on engines/pumpers or pumpers/tankers. I've gone to the NFPA web site and they're saying to purchase a book with standards and codes for app. $100. I'm not paying that for a book when the codes and standards are changing all of the time. FEMA's website offers no info. on this either. Any Suggestions?
    Also, there is a term on the FEMA grant application that I'm not familiar with. It's RIT (Rapid Intervention Team). If this is referring to the firefighters or first responders physically fight fires or perform on emergency scenes, then that would be every individual on our dept. Could someone please clarify this for me?

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    Default nfpa

    check out the NFPA website, it list all the NFPA standards, from hoses to vehicles to clothing etc. hope that helps s.pope dallas

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    Default here you go....

    When you role on the scene of a fire and your two men go in for fire suppression or search & Resuce there should always be a team of at least two outside ready to go in, in case someone goes down or if something unexpected would happen. The number of people outside should be proportional to the number inside. I.E. The expression Two in Two out. That is your "RIT" team on the outside of the house.
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