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    I just read that they found engine 55. My Dad was in 55 for 30 years
    He died only 2 months before 911. I miss him very much but I am glad he did not live to see what happened. I have many fond memories of that beautiful firehouse on Broom St. I remember the old engine 55 made in the 1930's, Dad hated it when it was replaced. I used to bring my cchildren there to see Grandpa the fireman. He did not want to retire. He wanted to stay with his brothers. He didn't retire until he was almost 60 years old. He was Himself, The Rabbi badge 5317, and I hold you all in my prayers

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    Unhappy Great Story

    Keep his memory alive. Go down to 55 and bring flowers and an old pic of dad to put on there wall. Well he did his duty. Always rember GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTON. I just got that tattoo on the back of my shoulder. This may sound silly the the 11th is a nuber I can't forget. I was married on the 11th divorced on the 11, my mom passed away on the 11 my sister's birtday is on the 11th and the USA attack happened on the 11th. I love my motto. Remmber they are with us! they are in a better place. I lost my mom and I still can't get over it. How sudden, fast and I can still see her face. I got to the cemtary every occasion and to the local FH in Queens where my mom's laid to rest Sq. 288 hazt 1 lost 19 Brothers their house was hit the hardes out of NYC. I'm been there to support them give food, flower and I know one FF Joe Hunter who's brother is the Social Worker in my dad's nursing home in Long Island in Bellmore on Jeus. Ave. Belair. I saw Sean Hunter the other day. He's destroyed. He's 30 and Joe was 32 and they have an older sister 36 and a sister who was killed in a car accident at 18 years old. The Hunter family is the most respectufl and wonder family that anyone on this earth would like to know or meet. Joe is an angel in heave.

    Time heals they say. It's only 3 years for my Mom and it feels like yesterday. Time....... Do all the best for you and your family and children. Your Dad would not like to see you sad.
    "Gone But Not Forgotten"
    RIP F.F. Joe Hunter from Squad 288

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