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    Question Non-emergency responses

    After reading the posts in this forum regarding code-3 (lights & siren) responses when doing station fills or move-ups, I started wondering what types of calls do departments typically respond non-emergency (code-2) to? A partial list of non-emergency reponses for my department includes: accidents with unknown injuries, CO calls without symptoms, most water conditions, most odor investigations, most wires down (no arcing or fire), and station fills. What types of calls do you answer non-emergency?
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    We respond either code 2 or non-code to:

    Smoke smells with no visible smoke showing, burning complaints, trash fires with nothing threatened, reports of equipment that "sounds like it is going to blow up" (we get these calls some times ), station fill-ins, and traffic hazard wash downs that do not involve hazardous substances. There are probably some more that I can't think of at the moment.

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    my dept goes code 3 to everything unless told by a chief to go signal 12, slowed response no sirens or lights.. even to standby's in towns that are no father than 2 miles away, sounds really silly when you think of it now
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    Move ups, oil in the river/storm drain, water conditions, broken pipes, lockouts, and other non life threatining calls get a Code 1 response. Other then those, most stuff is Code 3, oddly enough we don`t have a Code 2.

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