The tragedy in Roswell is just as apalling as 9-11. Forgive me if this posting seems one sided, but Chief Jones is a friend of mine and a friend to my department as well. His name was printed wrong in the article by Dave J Iannone, it is not Steve Jones, it is Lewis Jones. Sorry, had to make the correction. Lewis was known throughout the state mainly by his size. You mention Lewis Jones and the first thought is a giant of a man. He is only dwarfed by the size of his heart and his passion for the job and for the firefighters that do it. We are all pulling for him and his family, for they are all in our hearts and prayers. My sincere condolences go out to Steve Lovatos family. He is a hero. Our prayers are with you also. To everyone reading this posting, be safe. This new world we live in has made for some serious trying times, and even harder for us on the job. When the very people we are trying to protect are trying to harm us. Be alert, be cautious, be friendly, but always, be safe.