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Thread: Vacation time

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    Question Vacation time

    How much vactaion time is everyone getting per year or hours per month? How does you vacation work. Like, lets say you worked yesterday and are wanting tuesday off. Is that enough time for your request?

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    Most career or full time depts i know of have that worked out in their contracts, but I would say that most municipal jobs, especially ff you should give 5-7 days notice IF POSSIBLE, ie not a funeral, family emergency, etc. If you just need/want to take the day your boss/chief should have some notice, especially in a small fd, to work out staffing and also they or you have to find someone to cover for you they have some advanced warning.
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    We have to give 96 hours notice (4 days) to take a vacation day. The shift is split between a 10 hour day shift and a 14 hour night shift, even though we work 24s.

    For personal time I believe there is no minimum notice.

    We have 34 hours of personal time, 1 night and 2 days, with an extra day if you don't use sick time for 1 year (currently being re- negotiated.)

    We get 2 weeks per year and an additional week every 5 years to a max of 5 weeks. Time is given at the beginning of the fiscal year and cannot be carried forward (unlees an emergency situation occurs like the academey or family emergency.) No extra time is given out by month. Sick time is awarded in the same manner.
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    We work 24 hour shifts. We get 5, 7, 10 or 15 shifts per year depending on longevity. Everyone also gets 6 shifts of personal days each year. Each shift does vacation picks, based on seniority. We are allowed to "split" our vacation once, meaning we can pick two "blocks" of vacation/personal time. The only requirement we have is that we MUST use at least 3 of our personal days each year. Personal days cannot be carried over, so any unused at the end of the year are paid. Once vacations are picked in December, they are set in stone. They cannot be cancelled by the department. When vacation picks are done in December, each shift can schedule a max of 5 people off on any one day. After that during the year we are allowed to put in for a day off starting no more than 30 days prior to when you want a day off. These requests are first come, first served unless two people request the same day at the same time. In these cases, seniority rules. The A/C for the shift has to tell you two shifts prior to the day requested if there is ample manpower to get the shift off. If you are told you can have the day off, it is set in stone, and can't be cancelled. We are allowed to ask for a shift off right up to that day, but thats an iffy proposition. We cannot take less that 12 hours off.
    Right now, we are so shorthanded that if we need a shift off that we didn't pick at the beginning of the year,we're not going to get it.

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    We work 24s. We get 182 hours Vac.per anum as a new kid up to 351 as a very Senior guy. We can take Vac. at any time up 'till 0700 of that day, we can take vac. in any amount 4 hours or more and we do a seniority based draw at Xmas for the coming year. Basically, if you want time off you got it. We have 20 unrelieved time off slots per shift which does not include sick. If the vac. roster happens to be full there is always straight trades, holiday trades and vacation trades(relieved time off) Pretty fortunate..., this is in our contract and is the result of years of blood sweat and tears.

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    Ours is based on years of service:
    1-4 years=6 vac.days
    5-6 years=8 days
    7-14 years=9 days
    15-19 years=12 days
    20+ years=15 days
    Plus 6(next year 7)paid holidays,you can take the cash or time for these.Most guys take the cash,since it's paid in November,they use it for Xmas funds.
    All vacations are pre-scheduled(by 1st,2nd,3rd round picks)in the fall for the next calendar year,based on senority.Vacation changes can be made,(if minimal manning allows)for up to/and including,the day of scheduled work.We also must take the whole 24 hours,no splitting the hours.Which really stinks.We'd love to be able to at least split the time into 12 hours leave.

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    Cool Vacation

    After reading the other posts we should not complain about our system. 1to4 years you get 10 hours a month, 4to14 years you get 14 hours a month, and after 14 years you get 20 hours a month. We max out at 336 hours before you lose it, we can take it in any amounts and we can put in for vacation on the day you want off.

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    We work 24s on the West Coast schedule (XOXOXOOOO)
    0-5 yrs=6 vac days (1/2 day a month accum)
    5-10 yrs=9 vac days (3/4 day a month)
    10-13 yrs=12 days
    13 yrs+=13 days
    2 personal business days, if not used, can be converted annually to vac days.
    Everyone also gets 1 birthday annually(same as a vac day but you can use it alone without getting bumped)
    Vacations are picked by seniority in Apr-May for the following June 1-May 31. The calender is passed down from member to member, each having 48 hrs to make their selection. Failure to "pass" the calender within that time forfeits your pick-you go last. You must pick at least two days consecutive to hold them, unless you use the b-day. You can take up to 10 days consecutively. There are no limitations on how many you pick other than the number you have in your bank, or will bank during the year. Max bank is 20 days. Any days left after the picks are first come first serve, requested 5 days in advance.

    Ok, here's the catch: Only less than 5%, or 3 on vac per shift of 23 per day. 55 out of 75 members get the 12 or 13 days per year. I have 10 yrs on and I can't get a single day off during the summer, hunting season, or any holiday. I'm 13th in seniority on my shift of 23. So our system gives 12 members (really the top 8 or 9, since the guys right in front of me get only a day or two)the use of our vacation benefit. Since we have seniority promotion, it also guarantees that all 3 off in summer or holidays are officers. One guy will take 10 days, work 3, then take 10 more in July and August, effectively taking 1/3 of the whole shifts prime vacation time.

    Attempts to change this and make it more equitable lead to near revolt by the BCs and officers, who vowed to make the firefighters' lives miserable, which scared off the junior members from the meeting.

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    As far as vacation goes, we work a three-on-three-off cycle of days and nights (DDDoooNNNooo). We get 4-5 of these cycles (or "tricks") by longevity. We pic all of our vacation tricks in December for the entire following year by seniority. If we need a quick day off we have two personal days to play with that only need 24 hours notice to the shift commander to use. If we are realy in a bind we can try and trade vacations with one of the guys that is in the spot you want. Or we can get an off duty guy to trade shifts with us for the days we need. It's different but we like it.
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    Where I work we get:

    After 6 months...40 hours
    after 1 year.....80 hours
    after 5 years ...120 hours
    after 12 years...160 hours
    after 17 years...200 hours
    after 22 years...240 hours

    It depends on how many guys are already off if we get the time off or not. We need to give at least three days notice.

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