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    Question Info on independent front suspension

    Our department is in the process of developing specs for a new pumper. One of the issues we're debating is the inclusion of independent front suspension. One of the manufacturers is touting it as a selling point.

    We'd like to hear input from other departments that have purchased apparatus with independent front suspension. Are you happy with the purchase, have there been any maintenance issues pertaining to it, and was it worth the extra cost to include it? We'd also like to know the manufacturer.

    Any input will be appreciated.
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    I assume you're talking about Pierce's new TAK-4 suspension. My understanding of this is as follows:

    - Nobody in my area has taken delivery of any truck with this option yet, but a few have ordered and are in the build process.

    - My dept is ordering some this year with the TAK-4.

    - Not as expensive as I initally thought it would be (Approx $7,000)

    - Much reduced stopping distance

    - MUCH smoother ride (I think if you go up to Wisconsin they have a demo track they can take you out on)

    - I'm usually opposed to new technology when it's the first year of the product's introduction, with bugs to be worked out & all, BUT the TAK-4 suspension is somethingh that Oshkosh (Pierce's parent company) has been using for several years on some of their other lines, so that may not be a big deal.

    - Not available on the Saber, but it is on Enforcer, Dash, Lance. (Pretty sure)

    - I heard someone say once that they eat brakes up faster than regular, but haven't been able to find out whether there's anything to that.

    - Bigger rotors on the brakes.

    This is stuff I've heard, I'm not too well educated on it otherwise. Sounds like a winner to me though. People I know who have ridden in them say it's unbelievable how well it handles.

    http://www.piercemfg.com for details
    These are my opinions and not those of the organizations for which I work and/or volunteer.

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    I have not driven a larger truck with independent front suspension but as berger3447 said oskosh has used it for some time and if you have drove about a 90 or newer 4x4 chevy or a 86 to 99 ford 4x4 then you have seen one type of this suspension.

    I do belive this should be a good thing and good luck on the new truck


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    No doubt why one of the manufacturers is touting it. If you put it in your spec, you will be getting a Pierce. If that is what you want, then OK. If you want competition, list it as an option. Then you can make a cost-benefit decision.

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    While we were at the Pierce plant in Jan. and Feb. for inspection of our new truck , we had the opportunity to see the trucks from the frame up.We got to see both types of suspensions. If our committee had known about Tak4 when we specd out our truck, we would have gotten it. The Pierce engineers told us that it improves the ride by 300%, that is their number. I know when we spec out a new engine, it will more than likely have Tak4 included. Pierce has a neat simulator in their inspection room that shows how the suspension looks and works. I feel it would be a good option to build in.

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