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    The Dept. Of Justice has a program called the Center for Domestic Preparedness that trains 1st responders in WMD such as IC/Haz-Mat Tech/HOT-hands on training. It is located in Anniston, AL. at the old Fort McClellan Army Post which trained the Army's Chemical Corp/USAF Disaster Preparedness-CE Readiness (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare Defense). You go into a live agent enviroment VX & GB which are nerve agents. It is a very good course and is something to look into. The CDP pays for pretty much everything from airline ticket round trip, rooms and for the meals which are excellent. Contact your State or County OEM for more info. I went this last week and am impressed.

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    I totally agree. I attended the HazMat Tech COBRA portion of the course back in June of 2001. Very good, I recommend it to everyone. I am currently in line to go back for the incident command portion of the course. Has the course changed much after 9/11? I would guess it has some.Later
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