Greetings fellow smoke eaters,
As ya'll know after 9/11 the emergency services have changed forever.Now, we not only have to deal with fires, rescues, and hazmats, but also the possibility of terrorism. The Government is begining to realize the importance of domestic prepardness and first responders. Hopefully they will also provide us with the funds to accomplish this mission.
Last June, I had the oppertunity to attend the COBRA hazmat tech course in Anniston, AL (FT. McCellan). It is ran by the Dept. of Justice and is a excellent course that I highly recommend. We all witnessed what happened in New York and at the Pentagon and we saw how the different agencies responded. Is your agency as prepared as it can be? I want to challenge EVERYONE to think about it... what if its a chemical or biological attack...?
I'm not trying to scare or offend anyone, I just want you to think about the possibilities and do what you can to get yourself and your department prepared. Not only for terrorism but also "routine" fire and rescue operations. TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN.... you can not heip anyone if you become a victim. SAFETY IS A MUST... I have lost to many brothers and sisters that I will only get to meet one day in Heaven. The training is out there ... go get it.