Hello ya,

I'm new to the list and group and a bit about myself.

My Name is Nick K. Chaleunphone. People in the firehouse call me weasel, because of my skinny looks. I am a member of Norristown Fire Dept/ Fairmount Engine Co 2, Norristown, PA. I'm a 26 yr old male. I am a med student, a Firefighter/EMT. I attend medical college @ MCP Hahnemann university in Philadelphia,Pa. I am originally from New Britain, Connecticut.

My Main hobbies are, Snowboarding, Mt-biking, the Net, poetry, skinny dipping and music. I listen to rock, rap, jazz ,adult and country music of any kind as long as it's good. I am Bisexual and i am open about my sexual orientation. I am also a writter and i write poetry books in my spare time.

In my career as a Firefighter and a EMT, i have made a first for myself,
First Deaf EMT in Connecticut.
First EMT with a Genetic DNA disease called Kallmann's syndrome of the XYY.