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    Default The Politics of Deceit

    How many out there have been misled directly by city managers or mayors? Just curious.

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    Thumbs down Politics....

    I am surprised that this topic hasn't filled to the brim yet.

    I'm not sure about directly misleading our staff, but our mayor has been less than receptive to new ideas about emergency services. Point in case - we have been negotiating an emergency response contract with our county for about 4 years now. (we currently do not have any, hence, if someone gets hurt, or something is on fire steps out of our jurisdiction, we can do nothing, and have to wait 15-25 minutes for the next closest department to arrive). The contract will be beneficial to others in the county, as well as to our town. (details far too lengthy to get into). Anyways, she is adamantly against this contract, because she does not understand the EMS/Fire service, and refuses to learn anything about it. Not only will our town recieve a new pumper for our & county operations, but we will be paid (the town will recieve remuneration) from the county for every call we go on. (We are also currently a total Volunteer Dept.)

    Anyways, however you look at it, most polititions just don't understand. (nor are they willing to put forth the effort to do so)
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    I too am surprised at the lack of interest. Please check out the article in firehouse.com about the chief in south carolina resigning. we can talk more later.


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    As a fire Chief I can say that the former may and city manager where I volunteered were always up front and straight shooters. Supported the FD in public and in private.

    Now the current mayor is a flaming idiot....and is two face. He plays whatever tune the audience listens to!
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