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    Default Pierce 95' midmount

    looking for any info on how people like the new pierce midmount. Any problems with them or key features that you really like over other midmounts that you might have looked at or spec'd?

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    first off i like to say I ;ove my new toy(pierce mid mount 95 tower).
    but i wast on the truck commitee so there are things i would've changed. make sure you spec romm for enough hooks, our old truck carried more hooks then our new truck does. also i'm not too crazy on the plastic twisty type screws on some of the compartments. i still love my truck but wouldve changed a few things thats all, and watch out for those parked cars while turning that pierce has a big *****

    (example when turning left check the right rear for parked cars tha *** swings on the oppisite side of the turn).

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