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    Default Misunderstanding with the Webteam

    Below I have included a portion of the email conversation I had with the webteam regarding my request. I misquoted them and have inserted their reply.

    Harry Carter is a writer for multiple publications and uses the title in all, not just Firehouse.com, therefore any 'situation' would go across the board. That is at his discretion and you can contact him yourself if you truly believe there are some issues. You are not a judge nor a jury and while we respect your opinions, we will not act in any manner as requested. If we have continue to have problems with having to close your threads will we have no choice but to remove your ability to post in the future.
    I asked that the thread be closed, not because it was not going in my direction, but because it WAS INDEED going in my direction. I did not mean to inflame the issue.

    Once again I misquoted and am apologizing here as well as giving the webteam a thunderous ovation for being candid and honest and dealing with me in an open thread.

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    Ok. Thank you. Lets PLEASE move on with some actual discussion in the forums....not discussion about discussion

    And to clarify the above so it is not taken out of context, the USER has requested on multiple occasions to have their threads closed ... not us simply closing threads at will.


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