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    Question The Sando technique

    Recently we were taught a new technique in patient removal called the Sando technique. Here is a brief description of it. You can either remove the entire roof or just the back window and widen it out using a spreader. depends on the amount of damage to the vehicle. You then recline or remove the back of the seat as you slide a long board into place behind the patient, a NARI strap is then attached to the patient and you carefully slide the patient onto the board. Of course all proper patient care is taken ect. cervical collar.
    We were taught this technique by the North American Rescue Institute. Just wondering if anyone else was using it. We succesfully removed a patient from a roll over with a c-4 frature and fractured back cuasing little discomfort. Any thioughts.


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    This technique is far from new.

    It's being taught to Ambulance Officers over here in Australia, along with many other extrication techniques involving the board, collars, KED's, etc. (These techniques are teaching people to be a little "smarter" with rescue- don;t eat into the Golden Hour removing unnecessary components of a car, if you don't have to.)

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of rescue services that see these techniques, especially this one, as doing away with them and their training. Because they're not removing a roof and popping doors, etc, a lot of people lose sight of the big picture of why they're there in the first place- TO HELP THE CASUALTY.

    This technique, along with many others ensures in line movements of the spine, ie: no twisting to remove them fro mthe side, etc.

    Our rescue unit is very conversant with these techniques and have quite often used them instead of going the chop on a car.

    Have alook at the link below for more information, if anyone is interested in learning these and many other techniques in Australia...Emergency Technologies- Training

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    Sounds like a good variation of sound practices.

    While each accident and situation is different, I do like taking the whole roof off and sliding patients straight back (usually in a KED, on a board only if neccessary) and out of the seat rather than "rotating" them to go out the door. Probably takes a bit more muscle to pull off, but just seems to me better for the spine and quicker than dickering around rotating someone especially when the roof is already gone.

    Toughest part using the strap I'm sure is coordinating C-spine control!

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    As stated by Lutan, the Victorian Ambulance Service has been teaching this technique for at least 8 years with excellent success (when it is used). Below is a link which shows the process in detail.


    It's slow to load but I think you'll find it's worth the wait.

    I would suggest people hop into a car and act as a patient. Then come out the back (with and without a KED), then come out the side (with and without a KED). You'll be surprised how much better the rear extrication in a KED is.

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