The Hazmat 101 List is getting better, and better, and better!

I did a quick assessment of the list's value to its members since
we implemented changes with the beginning of 2002. I am delighted to say that the changes have produced positive results. Thanks to the list members and the list stewards the Hazmat 101 List a valuable resource.

I have included an updated list of the Hazmat 101 List Stewards at
the end of this message.

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Hazmat 101 List Facilitator

Hazmat 101 List Stewards
Updated March 7, 2002
The Hazmat 101 List is an email discussion list dedicated to
hazardous materials and transportation safety issues. The sole reason
for its existence is to serve its members by providing timely and
useful information and a forum to help each other share knowledge.

The Hazmat 101 List formally recognizes as List Stewards those
members who volunteer to serve the list. List Stewards take an active
role in supporting and promoting the list and its members. To begin
with, we identified the following functions for List Stewards:

Backup list facilitator: As a backup facilitator, you may be asked
temporarily serve as a list facilitator to relieve a facilitator who
will be away. In that role, you will reviewing/approving pending
postings to the list and pending subscription requests. You serve as
needed, and at your convenience.

Topic Facilitator: As topic facilitator, you will identify yourself
as expert on, or interested in a specific subject within the scope of
the list. When list members post messages about the specific subject,
you can volunteer to respond to the message through the list. List
members aware of your specific interest may mention your name in
their posting in order to draw your attention.

Hazmat 101 News contributing writer: As contributing writer, you
write articles for the Hazmat 101 News, the list's email newsletter.
The Hazmat101 News is distributed to our list members and is archived
at The Hazmat101 Web ( ). You will get
credit for your published articles.

List Stewards
Topic Facilitators: 5
David Bunzow, MS; CET; CHMM; REM (Alaska, USA)
Topics: hazmat chemistry, disaster preparedness, emergency
management, technical training, and incident investigation.

Prokopis Christou, PE (New Jersey, USA)
Topics: hazardous materials training, hazardous materials regulations.

Aaron D. Osgood (Maine, USA)
Topics: Hazardous Materials Resource, Special Rescue Operations (High
Angle, Confined Space, below grade, etc), WMD preparedness and
response, and telecommunications.

David F. Peterson, CHMM (Wisconsin, USA)
Topics: emergency response and street chemistry issues.

William Taggart, CET (New Jersey, USA)
Topics: hazardous waste/hazardous materials generation, storage,
transportation, disposal and training requirements.

Hazmat 101 News contributing writers: 7
Publisher: Prokopis Christou, PE (New Jersey, USA)
Writer: David Bunzow, MS; CET; CHMM; REM (Alaska, USA)
Writer: A. Scott Mendelson, M.S. (Florida, USA)
Writer: Patrick Metts (South Carolina, USA)
Writer: David F. Peterson, CHMM (Wisconsin, USA)
Writer: Brian R. Shmaefsky, PhD (Texas, USA)
Writer: Richard Wolfe (Alabama, USA)

List facilitators: 4
List owner: Prokopis A. Christou, PE (New Jersey, USA)
List co-moderator: Richard Wolfe (Alabama, USA)
Back-up list facilitator: Lloyd Colston (Oklahoma, USA)
Back-up list facilitator: Derek Stannard, NZCS (Chem), RCompN, BN,
MBS (Occ Hlth & Safety) (Wellington, New Zealand)

More info about the List Stewards
David Bunzow MS; CET; CHMM; REM (Alaska, USA)
David Bunzow has been involved in industrial processes, technical
and regulatory training, emergency response, disaster planning and
preparation, post-incident planning, environmental management
systems, conformance auditing and incident investigation throughout
his 40+ year career. Most recently, he joined the University of
Alaska's Statewide Office of Risk Management as the University's
Environmental, Health and Safety Manager. Organization: Headon
Designs Consultants. Phone: USA 1-907-479-2692.

Prokopis A. Christou, PE (New Jersey, USA)
Prokopis A. Christou is a business professional with more than 14
years of diverse experience in managerial, technical, and teaching
responsibilities in environmental, safety, transportation,
regulatory, and engineering matters; licensed engineer, current with
regulatory changes and best management systems; proficient with
computer applications; MS graduate, committed to continuing
professional development. He has experienced perspectives of both the
regulator and industry. URL:

Lloyd Colston (Oklahoma, USA)
Lloyd Colston, Mayes County (Oklahoma) Emergency Management, has over
20 years experience in emergency management. URL: .

A. Scott Mendelson, M.S. (Florida, USA)
A. Scott Mendelson lives in Orlando, FL, USA. He has Bachelors degree
in Aerospace and Masters degree in Safety and Environmental from West
Virginia University. He is a Regional Health and Safety Manager /
Safety Engineer.

Patrick Metts (South Carolina, USA)
Patrick Metts has diverse experience and training in hazardous
operations and emergency management.

Aaron D. Osgood ( Maine, USA)
Aaron D. Osgood has been involved in the fire and emergency medical
service for over 20 years and employed by the City of Portland, Maine
Fire Department since 1986. Lt. Osgood is currently assigned to a
ladder company at the city's busy Munjoy Station. He is also active
in the recently formed Hazardous Materials Resource Team as a team
leader and instructor. His areas of interest include Special Rescue
Operations (High Angle, Confined Space, below grade, etc), WMD
preparedness and response, and telecommunications. Phone: USA (207)
874-8411 Organization: Portland Fire Dept. Munjoy Station - Ladder 1,
Platoon 1 134 Congress Street Portland, ME 04101. URL:

David F. Peterson, CHMM (Wisconsin, USA)
David F. Petersen, a 22-year veteran of the fire service, is a
lieutenant with the Madison (WI) Fire Department and the operations
and training coordinator for the Regional Level A HazMat Response
Team. He is the owner of Americhem Safety & Environmental, LLC, a
haz-mat training and consulting firm in Janesville, Wisconsin. He is
also an IAFF Master Trainer, an adjunct instructor for the National
Fire Academy and the Emergency Management Institute, and an FDIC
presenter. He is a member of the NFPA Classification and Properties
of Hazardous Chemical Data Committee and the founder and past
president of the Wisconsin Association of Hazardous Materials
Responders, Inc. David authors articles for numerous trade
magazines, websites, and newsletters. Email: .

Brian R. Shmaefsky, PhD (Texas, USA)
Brian R. Shmaefsky is a professor of biology at Kingwood College in
Texas. He spent four years in industry as a production chemist
serving on safety training committee. He has performed safety and
hazardous materials training at the college level and as an
independent consultant. He has written various publications on safety
training and industrial hygiene. Phone: USA (281) 312-1609.
Organization: Kingwood College, 20,000 Kingwood Drive, Kingwood, TX

Derek Stannard, NZCS (Chem), RCompN, BN, MBS (Occ Hlth & Safety)
(Wellington, New Zealand)
Derek started work for a government scientific research agency, then
moved into a human health role, followed by a career in the New
Zealand Army finishing as head of health and safety. He currently
works for the governmental agency responsible for approving
applications to import or manufacture hazardous substances into New
Zealand. His areas of interests lie in the risk assessment and
management of hazardous substances. Phone: 64 4 918 4858.
Organization: Environmental Risk Management Authority New Zealand.

William Taggart, CET (New Jersey, USA)
William Taggart (Bill) works for Lion Technology Inc., a nationally
known training provider covering EPA, DOT and OSHA regulations. He
has intimate, detailed knowledge of EPA's RCRA regulations and DOT's
hazardous materials transportation regulations. He is also very
familiar with all other EPA programs and OSHA rules - if he doesn't
know it, he has direct access to other SMEs within his company. Mr.
Taggart is a NETA Certified Environmental Trainer and member of the
ANSI Z490 committee on Safety, Health and Environmental Training,
Chairman of the Program Management Subcommittee. Phone: USA (973)
383-0800, ext. 108. Organization: Lion Technology Inc. P.O. Box 700,
Lafayette, NJ 07848. URL: .

Richard Wolfe (Alabama, USA)
Richard Wolfe has driven light and heavy-duty tow trucks since 1978,
and is a certified Hazardous Materials Technician from the Oregon
Fire Marshall's office. He is currently the towing manager for
Stormin's Towing in Ozark Alabama.