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    Lightbulb Enclosed topmount pump panels

    Looking for input, good or bad on topmount enclosed pump panels. Was it worth the money? If you already have a enclosed topmount, would you order another? Any problems with operations, noise, heat, visibility, etc? Any pictures would be great. Thanks

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    My Department has two top mount enclosed pump panel pumpers and two more are at the local dealer getting the final tools mounted. The first two are E-One and the new two are Pierce. My personal opinion differs from many in my Department. I do not like them. The visibility is poor, most operators leave the doors open and stick their heads out the windows to see. Glass fogs up on hot humid nights with the A/C on. I only see it as a advantage for the operator. He is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The extra added expense in design and manufacture is not worth it in my book but I don't speak for my Department. Many of them love it. I just can't see designing a truck and spending the extra money for the comfort of one man. Maybe in your area because of winter weather conditions it might be more practical than it is here. If you would like pictures or to ask more questions I'd be happy to e-mail you.

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    I have a question for NCFSA03
    Why did your dept. go from e-one enclosed top mount to pierce
    I did some research for my dept about a year ago for top mount enclosed pumps and i found the e-ones better could you tell me what you like the e-ones or the pierce?

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