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    Post TNT Rescue Tools

    We have a phoenix combo tool . We just purchased a TNT cutter .
    We like it well It seems to be very strong. We hook it up to our Phoeniex pump .I was wondering if any one has any bad stories or good stories. TNT rep. said all parts made by TNT is guaranteed for life .

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    I like the TNT system, but you might want to consider replacing the Phoenix part of the system. I would reccomend a high pressure system, and having the cutter converted into a 10,500psi unit( which TNT does for you at the factory)

    I have heard of 2 departments one in NJ, and one in PA that have had their older Phoenix tools just fall apart. I have even seen metal shavings form Phoenix tools inside a TNT pump.

    Good Luck, and have fun

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    we have 2 TNT combi tools- on our rescue-pumper at 3's station and on our tanker at 2's (1's has the heavy rescue) we love them they have been use many times(too much) and have proven effective. a few of our ffs went and toured the company- came back really impresed and we are talking about swiching all our tools from hurst-TNT.
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