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    Default W.T.C. Flag at NCAA

    Well, this is it, I have officially quit watching sports. I told my wife after the Super Bowl and the Olympics that if I couldn't stop crying during sporting events I would quit watching them.

    They just brought out the WTC flag for the national anthem at the NCAA final game and once again the eyes got teary.

    I just hope my wife lets me finish watching the game, and then the NASCAR season, and then the Eagles season before I keep my promise.

    Oh, and what happens if the Flyers make the Stanley Cup finals??

    I will quit sometime, I promise.
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    Angry Still in tears....

    Teary eyed is fine, my friend. It shows you remember the horrors committed to America. Many still grieve...and weep.

    don't forget the sacrifices made on 9-11 and beyond...by our fire, police, ems and our troops overseas!

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