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    Default Standard Operating Guidelines/Procedures

    I was wondering what other dept's guidelines/Procedures were for operating at vehicle fires and accidents on interstate highways. when why and do you close a lane or the entire road

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    we dont have an interstate in our town but we do have a state highway that is two lanes each direction going through it, and for any vehicle fire or MVA most of the time that whole east or west bound side will be shut down for personnel safety, at the very least the lane in wich the MVA or fire is in is shut down approx. 1/4 mile away. but i always feel safer knowing the whole side is shut down, but again not always possible during rush hour.
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    We have sections of 290 and 355 in our district.

    Basically we block the accident and a bit more as a buffer zone. If the crash is in the center lane that means shutting down the entire express way. If operations allow it we will leave some way for some traffic to get by. We also have a good relationship with the Illinois State Police and they know that we arent blocking traffic just for the hell of it.

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