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    Default How did you get involved in the Fire service?

    I was just wondering how all of you guys and girls got involved in your local junior programs, and if you don't mind at what ages.

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    Well, since I grew up around the station, getting involved wasn't hard... I overheard a member of our dept. talking about a letter that was apparently sent out by our state fire marshal, encouraging departments to start or expand junior programs. Then, I was 15. After I heard this, I bugged the heck out of everyone to start a program. Nothing happened, I bugged em' some more, nothing happened... So, I gathered all of the info they needed to write bylaws, handed it to the right person, and bugged em' some more...Now I'm a junior firefighter. Since I grew up with these people, my threatening to go and join a rival dept. got the ball rolling....hehe... Oh, age?? 17.

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    Well, as FireGal said, I grew up at the station. I joined about a month ago, when I was at the station complaining about wanting to run calls but I couldn't. The chief asked me if I wanted to join, and in about 20 minutes, the application was in. I was voted in later that night, and I started using my dad's old gear the next time his shift was on duty (which was kind of funny, because all the engineers were changed to lieutenants, and I wear the engineer helmet to calls and have his name on the back of the turnout coat, because everybody at the station said we walk alike, talk alike, and do a lot of other stuff alike). Now, I hang out there all the time, it's a great place to be, even when we do get called out at 10:30 because drunk people "feel funny" and want to go to the hospital.

    LOL, I forgot all about age! I'm 16.
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    About two years ago, my buddy David who was a cadet for 3 years then asked me and I decided yes, that is the whole story, I wasn't really that siked about it at first, now I would NOT change it for the world. Thanks for asking and good question!

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