I am from Worcester Ma. and I just wanted to post and give my opinion and also try to see some of the others opinions. It has always been my dream to become a Worcester firefighter and I hope to fulfill that dream in the coming years. But until the day I have actually earned this right I have been collecting things and learning all that is possible by hangin around the local stations whenever possible. I recieved the newly released 3000 Degrees from my parents for easter and i am already almost completely through it. I'm 15 and this is by far the closest view I've ever gotten to the job and what it is all about. The details in this book made me realize what the job is all about. I went to the site every day and studied all that i could about the fire and I will admit, I believed that I knew all there was to know about what happened that night and the days that followed. This book proved me completely wrong. If any of you have read this book i'd like to hear your opinions. And for those of you who havent read it I urge you to. This book is an amazing display of courage and brotherhood. So now that i have given you my opinion i leave yo with a quote from a Bible passage used throughout the book, "Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for hs brothers".Buy the Book