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    Question TICs for explosive atmospheres

    I am wondering whether there is a unfulfilled need for TICs which are designed and approved for use in explosive atmospheres. You know, working in proximity to gas escapes, petrochemicals, flour mills, coal mines, etc. Using an ordinary TIC in these areas could be disastrous, because an intermittent contact could cause a spark large enough to ignite the atmosphere. (For example, this could happen when you knock the camera and the batteries rattle.)

    At the moment there doesn't seem to be any TIC available for use in these situations. What do you think?

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    While the idea is certainly thought provoking, I would think a Combustible Gas detector might be appropo to this situation. If an area is indeed in the explosive range why would one want to risk it's members in such a situation. In a case like this maybe the focus should be on diluting the atmosphere to an acceptable level, If you enter a hostile climate just opening a door or entering the area could bring with it air to provide the needed mixture to ignite the area. The TIC has many endearing quality's but if the area is so unstable that the chance of spontaneous ingition is possible than a
    search might be held in check till other avenues are explored.
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