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    Default New jersey Volunteer Workmans comp law?

    i heard from one of my firefighters that new jersey just passed a volunteer workmans comp law, so that if any volunteer gets hurt on a call for their volunteer organization they will be compensated while they are out of there paying job. has anyone heard this or is it just a rumor?

    thanks for your help
    9/11/01 forever in our hearts

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    We have been covered by our municipality's Work Comp since it's inception. Have not heard there was any statewide one, but that would be nice.

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    If you are a volunteer member of a municipal department or a fire protection district or for that matter, a private company offering fire protection, you are considered an employee and therefore, must be covered by worker's compensation insurance of some sort. In our state, if you are hurt at a fire and cannot work your regular job, you will be compensated thusly:
    1) If you are self-employed and your earnings are all over the place, they will take the average of the closest full-time departments and pay you that.
    2) If you have a regular job, you will be paid the average weekly wage. Overtime will be factored if it was mandatory OT.
    Ask around. My guess is that you have always been covered by your fire department. They just don't like to advertise it. Don't want anyone taking advantage of it, if you know what I mean.
    Volunteers often think that they won't get anything if they get hurt because they don't get much for fighting the fires.
    Good luck; hope you're covered.
    Stay safe.

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