The past few weeks have kept the WSFD busy over the past couple of weeks.
Two unoccupied structures were destroyed by fire at 1200 blk of Old Saulisbury Rd. E-16,E-06 A-02 and C-02 Additional Engine(E-05) and BC's for containment. Cause was undetermined and under investigation.

2478 Tantelon Place. 2 story Townhouse heavy fire throughout structure. E-16,E-06 A-02 and C-02. 2nd alarm E-05,E-02 and Air Resource 1. Relief companie E-10 and additional BC. Heavy fire from the basement all the way to the roof. Majority of fire was doused with deck gun until crews could advance in. Numerous lines. Damage contained to bldg. of origin.

138 Tiseland Dr. A-04,E-02,E-18 C-01. Additional Engine (E-10), Air Resource 1. Relief companies E-16,E-15. Extensive damage to home and contents. Estimated 75,000. No injuries

2809 N. Claremont Ave E-04, E-03 A-01 C-02 Abandon structure damaged by vandals. E-01 additional Engine for Manpower. 3,000 Loss. Structure was schedule for demolishion.

Hemlock Dr. Working House fire. Heavy fire showing upon arrival. E-03,E-09,A-01 C-03. E-12 additional. Structure was a total loss. No other details.

More to come later. Nice to see all the NC brother's on-line. Take care and God Bless. Never forget Our lost NYFD Brothers and Sisters!