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    Question Consolidating services fire/ems

    I am looking for information on combinding a fire dept. and E. m.s.
    Are their any pros/cons? steps to follow to make it happen.

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    Go to http://www.usfa.fema.gov/usfapubs/pu...ubject_code=20

    At the bottom there is a publication called "Implementation of EMS in the Fire Service". It is a book and video package.

    Best part about it...it is FREE!!!

    Hope that helps you out.

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    We merged in 1993 and it was very successful, although expect a lot of growing pains. We merged two fire departments and an EMS agency to create what is now Hilton Head Island Fire/Rescue. There are more pros and cons that could ever be addressed here, which is why I'm currently writing an e-zine article on this subject. The short of it though- pros- one stop shopping for the public, cross-training, more effective delivery of service in regard to time to arrival, proximity of units, added reliance of public on your service. Cons- extra training and duties, firefighters not wanting to do EMS and vice-versa, competition with third party and private contractors who think they can do it cheaper (they usually can- for a while).

    Keep an eye on withthecommand.com for the article, unless Firehouse decides to take me up on it instead. Good luck.

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    As a career EMT soon to be Paramedic, I am FIRMLY against any merger of Fire and E.M.S. services. Although some of us including myself come work both sides of the aisle in this field, in all honesty career E.M.S. people and fire people are very different animals. very rarely does this mixture work well, a good example of that would be New York City... The medics at FDNY are treated like stepchildren despite what you see on Third Watch the medics are working out of rat infested stations and aren't paid near as much as the Firefighters for doing a job that is equally dangerous.
    My advice to you is STOP any merger while you can... you will all be happier in the long run.
    Shawn MacIntyre EMT
    Pittsburgh EMS EMT-2
    Fraternal Assoc. of Prof. Paramedics

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