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    Question Motorola Alert Monitor repair help.

    I just acquired an older model Motorola Alert Monitor (like a Plectron). It is in excellent shape. Does anyone know where I can get it aligned, new frequency crystals and reeds installed. Thanks.

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    Just about any of your friendly local radio service shops can help you with setting up your new monitor. Try contacting the vendor who services your department's communications equipment or checking the yellow pages under "Radio."

    If you have no one locally to work on your equipment, you may be able to get help from some members of the Motorola users list server: Motorola-User at yahoogroups.

    A word of caution: these radios are no longer produced and original parts, including mechanical reeds for tones, may not be available. Always have your vendor quote you a price for time and materials and specify a mutually agreeable "not to exceed" price - otherwise, the time and materials required to set up your alerting monitor may well exceed its value.

    Good luck,

    Steve Makky, Sr.

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    Default fire bell

    Does anyone know how to hook a fire bell to the old motorola alert monitors aka.bitch box? without the amplifier???

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