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    Default Properly Stocked Rescue Truck

    Does anybody know if there is a national or State DOT specific requirement of what extrication equipment is to be on a designated Rescue truck?
    If not, any and all sugestions welcome.

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    There is probably an NFPA standard. I know there's one for engines and trucks.
    A lot depends on what you are doing; there are some extras you might want if you are doing water, ice, hi-angle, trench, etc. It also depends on whether the truck will be used at fires or just rescues and what any other units it responds with carry.
    Here's my thoughs on some basic stuff to have:
    air bag system
    air chisels and wrenches
    simple hand tools (socket set, hacksaws, screwdrivers, etc)
    K-12, with different blades
    hydraulic spreaders and cutters
    hand or hand-pump powered spreaders and cutters
    hydraulic rams
    lots of lighting (truck mounted and portable)
    cribbing--as much as you can fit and different sizes
    rope; utility, search, and life
    generator or two
    basic truck tools (irons, pick head axe, k-tool, couple of hooks, etc)
    CO meter/multi-gas detector
    stokes baskets
    backboards, long and short
    medical kit--first aid up to BLS, depending on what you do/who you have
    electric/battery saw (Sawzall)
    ladder(s)--at least an a-frame/step ladder--24 foot extension & 12 foot roof if you can fit them
    fans (PPV/smoke ejectors)
    salvage tarps, floor runners
    extinguishers; dry chem and water cans
    traffic cones and other highway safety equipment (traffic wand lights, reflective vests, flares, hand held stop signs, etc)
    glass-master type tool
    Excaliber or other type of pneumatic or electric glass cutter
    spill stuff (speedy-dry, absorbant pads, dykes, etc)
    bolt cutters

    This is just what I came up with off the top of my head. I'm sure there's something I forgot.

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    Pennsylvania has voluntary standards for rescue. Check out this link:

    R.A. Ricciuti
    Mt. Lebanon Fire Department

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    Default Minimum Accreditted Equipment

    The following is a list of minimum equipment that we MUST carry to be accreditted to perform Road Accident Rescue.

    We can add what we want to the vehicle, but can't remove these minimum items:
    * Hand tools- various
    * First aid kit
    * Wooden blocks- assorted
    * Witches hats
    * Tool kit
    * Shovel
    * Broom
    * Two stage ladder
    * 6x12m lengths of rope
    * Fire retardent blanket
    * Stokes litter
    * Hand operated hydraulics including-
    - Spreader
    - Ram
    - Shears
    - Extensions OR a high lift jack
    * Power and lighting-
    - pneumatic masthead for lighting
    - on board or portable generator
    - flood lights (portable with stands)
    - extension leads (with weather proof connectors)
    * Fire extinguishers-
    - 1x9ltr AFFF (Foam)
    - 1x9kg Dry Chemical Powder
    * Hand operator winch (Tirfor OR masdaam puller)
    * Reciprocating saw
    * Chains
    * D shackles
    * Chainsaw OR disc cutter
    * Pickets
    * Motorised hydraulic equipment-
    - Spreaders
    - Shears
    - Chain set to suit

    As stated, this is the minimum equipment only.....

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