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    Default Air Force Reserve or Air Guard Firefighters

    Now that I made a decison to choose the air force as a branch to check out ..I was wondering if there are any active or former reserve air force firefighters in here? I was wondering what you do on drill weekends...Do you just train or are you put on a shift with the regular firefighters? When you deploy for you two weeks a year where do you usually go? I also would like to know if its worth doing..? Is it enjoyable and how do the active duty or federal firefighters treat you?

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    I would like some information on this as well. Anyone got some input?

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    drill weekend is usually filled with fullfilling military/ff requirements such as training and such. some places will allow you to work shift... not normally though. your annual tour will be used to supplement manning at whatever dept.

    as AD, all the reserve ffers i have worked with are civilian ffers as well, whether it be city or fed ffers.

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    Am wondering if this former Navy Corpsman should join the AF Reserve and become a firefighter in the AF..? any suggestions?

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