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    Question Any stories?

    Any junior firemen/first responders/emts have an interesting story of having to use your training for friends, siblings b/c they are accident prone, "stupid", or just have little accidents. I can't think of the number of times I refilled my first aid bag b/c our mountain biking day trip didn't go the way we planned, the baseball was hit a little to hard and didn't land where it was supposed to.. or a friend who just didn't feel like taking his insulin thought he would be fine; Talking one minutes and he seems a bit freaky and the second I asked if he was feeling ok, WHAM into the lockers and down to the floor.... Good way to impress the ckicks too...
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    I never told anyone I was an EMT so I wouldn't get dragged into anything. I did put a bandage on someones arm after some welding dripped. They said it didn't hurt which is usually a sign that nerves were killed. All I did was put a compress pad on and wrap it with a gauze roll; and sent him to get the rest of the day off from school... I had to tell someone how to dilute acid from the skin w/ plain liquid soap mixed w/ starch during a study hall b/c some moron spilled 2ml's HCl down my apron and onto my leg. Of course the instructor was there; and I shouldn't have been wearing shorts either; but we knew someone who didn't pay attention during the acid safety instruction....

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