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    Default Grants in general...rewarding the financially savvy???

    Before I start let me make this general statement: I think fire companies with limited resources should receive assistance.

    With that said -

    Shouldn't there be grant monies available to those fire companies that manage their finances well and work hard to maintain a healthy bank balance? I realize that all departments are welcome to apply for grants, but it seems to be that the middle class departments get left out in the cold in many cases. If we squandered our earnings and dug a deep hole of debt...we somehow would be in better standing to get grant money. It just seems the harder one works, the less one is offered. I would like to think that fire companies that manage their budgets well should be rewarded. It's kind of like the bonehead back in school that received candy for putting his name on the test while the kids that studied their tails off just to get a C+ or B got nothing for their efforts. ***treads out onto the thin ice *** Thoughts?
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    Based on the grant awards from last year, I'd say that at least some of the dollars did go to departments that are well managed financially. I can think of at least two departments in my area that are fairly well off financially that got pretty sizeable grants.

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