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    Default HM level required by departments

    I would like to know what level of HM training departments are using as a requirement to ride apparatus? Also if this is certified training versus department training? I am trying to implement some training standards to use for new personnel and would appreciate your assistance on this matter. I would also appreciate you indicating if your department is career, volunteer, or combination.

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    All line personnel are required to have HM Operations (Battalion Chief down). The Chief of Operations happens to be an EMACS Certified HM Tech, so that's a gimme. All personnel required to respond to scenes (Inspectors, Fire Marshal, PIO, Safety & Admin Chief, Training Division) are required a minimum of HM Awareness.

    All of our Special Operations personnel not attached to HAZMAT are required to be minimum HM Operations with extensive in-house air monitoring, decon, and scene support training. All SpecOps personnel attached to HAZMAT are required to be minimum EMACS HM Technicians (16 personnel).

    We are a career department with 108 uniformed line personnel, 22 uniformed administrative personnel and 6 civilian personnel.

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    HM ops, with documented training. The objectives for Haz Mat are well documented so as long as they took the program from someone that we are sure met the objectives that is OK.

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    Here in the Washington, D.C. Fire Department, administration has, in the past, trained their field personel on multiple occasions in an unnamed level of HazMat. SInce September 11, administration now has a sudden interest in certifying people at an Operations level. Regardless of previous training they are sending everybody to a 3 day Operations course.



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    Default Level of training

    In my dept. all members are trained at the awarness level with the exception of the Hazmat team we are all trained to the Tech. level We get lots of training above the tech. level also. we have a very heavy rail traffic in our city and we really train hard on rail car incidents. As you may or may not know in order to be in compliance with Federal Regulations one must be trained to the Tech. level to preform offensive opperations in the hot zone. meaning you must be a tech to be able to patch,plug,etc. you may want to read up on this to determine what level you want to train your personal in accordance to what you will be wanting your personell to actully do at a hazmat scene. Read 29 CFR 1910.120 to get a start on what you need as far as training your state may have requiements also.

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